Learning English can be easy and fun!

Quickly learn or improve your English easily with our online face-to-face lessons in a virtual classroom.

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment. Just like in a real-world classroom, a student in a virtual classroom participates in synchronous instruction, which means that the teacher and students are logged into the virtual learning environment at the same time. 

What you will need:-

All that you will need for your online English language lessons is:

  1. A reliable internet connection
  2. A Skype or Webex account
  3. A Skype compatible headset (and webcam if available)
  4. A fun attitude towards learning English

How it works:-

Step 1: Create your FREE account - Click HERE

Step 2: Login using your Username and Password - Click HERE

Step 3: Book your FREE 30 minute Introductory Session - Click HERE

Step 4: Choose a package or lesson price that suits your individual needs and make payment - Click HERE

Step 5: Use our online booking system to select a lesson type, choose a teacher and book your lesson - Click HERE

Step 6: Once your payment has been confirmed your English teacher will confirm your appointment

Step 7: A few minutes before your lesson the teacher will create a Virtual Classroom session and email you the link

Step 8: Enjoy your 45 minute lesson!  😀